10 Successful Tiktok Marketing Campaign Examples of All Time (2024)

There has been a paradigm shift in the social media landscape from a social-based model to a content-based model. Audiences these days crave content that relates to and touches them. They seek content that is around their interests. The rise of TikTok is the best example to demonstrate this.

Gen Z loves content that interests them, and they value brands that are vision-driven and can be trusted this is why TikTok is drowned with user-generated content.

Posts with UGC perform 22% higher than branded content.

With TikTok’s short video concept, it is a hub for sharing and sourcing UGC. Its potential to offer valuable content makes it a one-stop solution for creating a killer marketing campaign. Via the expertise of a TikTok creative strategist campaigns’ effectiveness can be massive and viral, thanks to the platform’s unique features and algorithm’s specifications.

And some brands have already got it covered, let’s see some Tiktok marketing examples.

Memorable Tiktok Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Unlike Instagram reels and YouTube shorts, TikTok is the OG ad platform that started this concept. With more than 1 billion monthly active users, you can surely grow your business and prosper in the market.

Here are some examples of how brands have been marketing on TikTok.

  1. Chipotle
  2. DuoLingo
  3. JVN Hair
  4. GoPro
  5. Chubbies
  6. GymShark
  7. Jones Road Beauty
  8. SKIMS
  9. Supergoop!
  10. Walmart


Over some time, Chipotle has mastered the art of TikTok marketing. They were the first major restaurant chain to have an official TikTok account. They have been succeeding by creating content that challenges people.

Following TikTok Influencers can be a fun way to enlarge your brand reach and gain more TikTok followersthrough similar interests and engagement.

With their lid-flip challenge, they generated around 111,000 video submissions. They partnered with YouTube David Dobrik and got immense results. It was one of the many challenges Chipotle rolled out including the #Guacdance challenge.

@chipotle Wait for it #corn ♬ original sound – Chipotle

Remember the boy who talks about how much he likes corn? Chipotle took advantage of this and filmed a video of the boy ordering a burrito bowl full of corn. That video got 7 million likes on TikTok.


This is another famous brand with the mascot Duo The Owl, which helped them take their account to the next level. It all started when people used Duo The Owl as evil and started creating memes around it. They did this because Duolingo sends you notifications when you don’t complete your lessons.

Instead of taking offence, they leaned into the joke and started making TikToks on the same subject. They decided to market their mascot as a funny/evil character that will hunt you if you don’t:

  • Complete your lessons.
  • Use Google translator
  • Other things related.

The TikTok community fell in love with them almost immediately and their brand awareness skyrocketed. This is a lesson for other brands, to reach out to younger audiences for brand exposure.

This turned out to be a winning strategy because the brand stays on top of the current trends and creates authentic content that targets TikTok-related markets.

@duolingo how much more longer do we realistically think I have running this account 🥸 #Duolingo #trend #comedy #helpme #mickeymouseclubhouse #Adele ♬ Adeles Clubhouse – Tik Toker

JVN Hair

Founded by Jonathan Van Ness the Queer Eye Celeb has amassed a large TikTok following. They started by posting how-to videos, before and after transitions, funny videos, relatable skits, and much more, all featuring their products.

On their profile feed, you can see diverse audiences using their products in their unique style. Their bio also caters to their individuality by saying “Come as you are”. This perfectly encapsulates every person’s unique style.

@jvnhair Get soft and healthy waves 🌊 like @jamieglickman🧿’s with #JVNHair ♬ original sound – jvnhair


We all know the power of user-generated content, and with this comes the UGC hub- GoPro. Their product is built for adventures that people love to capture. They film their outdoor activities from all over the world. Before TikTok, their YouTube handle was filled with UGC that not only shows GoPro but also portrays the quality of the product and the rash conditions it can survive.

They hit a whopping 10 million subscribers on YouTube, and post this YouTube era, they gained momentum on TikTok fairly quickly. They used the same approach. People submit their videos on their submission portal on the website, if their videos are selected, they receive rewards, cash prizes, gear, and of course exposure.

This approach encourages immense UGC without having to source influencers or creators.

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Cutting the current trends and a world inundated with emails, fake news, status updates, etc. Chubbies exist to take a moment back and deliver that Friday 5 pm feeling every day. They are recognized as “The original outfitters of Friday at 5 pm”.

They deliver casual menswear to bring out the personality and colourful nature of beings. They repost content of people sharing shorts wearing their products, and just being themselves.

They also partner with many well-known and not-so-well-known creators who produce content in their way. Chubbies repurpose this content on their TikTok to display diversity and a fun-filled lifestyle.


gymShark is a leading fitness brand that leveraged the power of influencer marketing on TikTok and became a prime influencer marketing example by reaching 2 million followers in just the first six months. They cater to fitness freaks by posting short videos about workout challenges, inspirational health processes that people go through, and relatable fitness content and humour to make gyming feel not so intimating.

They have been breaking the stereotype around gyming and started with a notable campaign 66 Days: Change your life. They showcase the effects shown in the body in 66 days and won the hearts of their users to the extent that they generated 193 million views. Exceptional, isn’t it?

@gymshark Her: He’s probably out cheating on me. Him with the boys: 💀💀💀 @The Johnson Brothers #Gymshark #GymTok #GymBro ♬ original sound – Gymshark

Jones Road Beauty

This beauty brand aims to create make products for every skin type, tone, etc. They are competing in an already oversaturated TikTok beauty market by differentiating through posting videos of their female customers using their products.

They partner with their founder’s account often and help each other grow together. They put around $4500 per day on their TikTok campaigns, they would not be anywhere without the organic UGC content that gets them off with 34% of their TikTok revenue.


SKIMS is a shapewear brand that is in serious business with the Kardashian-Jenner empire. They got early success not only because of Kim’s reach but because of their aggressive marketing to get their product in front of a large audience.

They use influencer marketing on TikTok and leaned on content creators for UGC. Most of the content creators use TikTok video editor, to create UGC from clients and creators of all backgrounds. They try their best to portray inclusivity and products that are made for “everybody”.

They make sure the original content creator is tagged in their caption giving them exposure and reach. This approach encourages more people to share UGC in the hopes of getting featured on their page.

@skims Our first shapewear with cups! @Stephanie Hjelmeseth stuns in the Contour Lift Straight Neck Bodysuit. #SKIMS ♬ Falling Angel – HCTM


Their high-quality sun protection products have entered the territory of a lifestyle brand. Their fun collaborations and partnerships for UGC and social proof help them educate the customers. Their strategies have been able to break through the noise and established them to become a household name.

TikTok is a natural fit for Supergoop! Where influencers tap into the minds of users and speak out about the importance of SPF. They also see demonstrations of the product and learn what’s best for their skin.

10 Successful Tiktok Marketing Campaign Examples of All Time (1)

With their authentic, educational, and fun videos they earned robust recognition and got themselves a loyal community on TikTok.


You walk in with something and buy an entirely different product at Walmart. You never know what you might end up purchasing. This is exactly what could get you featured on Walmart’s TikTok page.

They have 1.2 million followers on TikTok. Their page is filled with user reviews about some of their favourite products they bought at Walmart. They also work with micro-celebrities, influencers, and other content creators for authentic content.

They also have a famous hashtag #GotItAtWalmart. People use this hashtag, to post about their Walmart story, and are featured on their profiles. This built a community of users who encourage a culture of honesty and social proof.

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In this blog, we discussed some amazing examples of how brands display social proof, encourage users to share UGC, and what were the results of their marketing campaigns.

Now that you know how many different ways TikTok can be used for marketing, it’s time to start your own TikTok marketing campaign. So what are you waiting for?

10 Successful Tiktok Marketing Campaign Examples of All Time (2024)


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