Fansly FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions For Beginner Users (2024)

More and more content creators post paid content for subscribers. To help you determine if Fansly is right for you as a creator or fan, we’ve put together a short list of the most popular questions and answers.

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Fansly is a paid subscription platform, one of the OnlyFans alternatives. Since Fansly came out a few years later than OnlyFans, the new platform offers more convenient ways to communicate between content creators and followers.

The platform for paid subscriptions is similar to Twitter, but with the difference that by default the viewer sees only free posts of the creator’s content. Any user can subscribe to the profile, but to see behind paywall posts, a follower must pay a monthly subscription. If fans get tired of following the content, they can unfollow the author.

Fansly has implemented a similar content monetization system as OnlyFans. The content creator receives money for monthly subscriptions, for paying for individual posts (mostly videos), as well as tips for individual posts and for the content that she/he shares with subscribers in direct messages.

Fansly has set a commission for creators, which is 20% of all revenue. This is the optimal fee level on the market, especially when compared to cam sites where the commission reaches 40%. Influencers can request a withdrawal when they reach $100.

The platform provides a comfortable environment for both authors living in the US and residents of other countries. You have access to Skrill, Paxum, and bank transfers as payout methods.

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In short, yes, it’s safe. The main question for bloggers is whether their friends or colleagues can find them on the platform. Fansly has implemented a geo-blocking system, which allows you to block access to your account for residents of the regions of the world you specify. You can exclude all residents of your city or even state from your future followers.

When it comes to financial matters, Fansly maintains a high level of security for both fans who submit card details for payments, and for creators whose accounts receive earned funds.

In 2022, the comfortable price in the NSFW content environment is between $5 and $19 per month. Of course, authors can charge higher subscription prices as well. However, it will be more reliable to actively build your profile, increase posting and actively invite followers to communicate in direct messages. It is through DM’s that bloggers have the opportunity to double the amount earned on regular subscriptions.

In fact, Fansly is allowed to post any content that is not contrary to common sense. One of the most popular content types is NSFW photo and video. Worth to remember, that Fansly is adapted specifically for posting photo albums. You can also watch videos on the site, but most often the authors post a horizontal video that is more convenient to watch on a computer.

A similar platform,, allows you to post only vertical videos. And given the user-friendly mobile version, reels on the site are convenient to watch at any time on your smartphone.

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As we mentioned above, Fansly resembles Twitter, especially in the suggestions. Users browse various profiles in the special section, find new interesting faces and subscribe.

It must be admitted that in terms of getting new followers, Fansly and even more so OnlyFans are far behind the new TonPlace platform. The new social network for posting vertical videos is similar to TikTok in terms of the convenience of getting new subscribers. On the main page of the platform, all users see free videos from different authors. You can watch free videos for an unlimited time. When a user goes to the content creator profile, he can pay for access to exclusive content.

Fansly has remained as conservative as OnlyFans on this issue. The user cannot get a preview of the behind paywall content until they pay a monthly subscription. This forces users to be careful not to pay for a subscription if they are in doubt about the quality of the content.

The developers of TonPlace took this error into account. The platform has a free trial (24 h or 72 h). During this time, the user does not risk his money, while he gets full access to the videos available by subscription. Many users like the risk-free offer, so they become followers faster. Once they are convinced that the blogger is creating spectacular reels, the new subscriber becomes a loyal fan.
Join TonPlace here as a creator.

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Fansly FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions For Beginner Users (2024)


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