[Latest Chapters] Best Romance Novel: When His Eyes Opened - Dreame (2024)

When His Eyes Opened novel by Simple Silence follows the life of Avery Tate as her stepmother marries her off to the wealthiest family of Avonsville, the Foster family.

But Elliot Foster, the bridegroom has been in a coma for a year, and Avery Tate walks down the aisle alone. What makes her life a sudden ball of chaos is that Elliot Foster’s nephew, Cole Foster, is Avery’s boyfriend. And on her wedding day, she caught him with her sister, Cassandra Tate.

Then the news everyone hadn’t expected exploded like wildfire, Elliot Foster recovered from a coma and was infuriated to find he’s been married while unconscious.

When His Eyes Opened is filled with suspenseful drama and characters that will make you sit uneasily on your chair because you cannot wait to get to the next chapter and find out what else it would take for the characters to get what they wanted.

Simply Silence makes sure her readers won’t stay still in silence once they got their hands on the book! When His Eyes Opened movie is unavailable, It’s just that they used some videos to make mixed edits to attract everyone. In fact, they didn’t make a movie.

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Many websites said they got when his eyes opened book pdf and it could support an online free read, but pdf is hard to get and not easily for read, so we can go to GoodNovel and have a fun. However, this book is not finished yet, with more than 2,000 chapters. If you like this type of book but don’t want to wait for weekly updates, let’s see the great books similar to it first and then get to know more information about this novel because When his eyes opened book for sale on many platform, but many people complained about the price.

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  • Part 1: Main Characters In When His Eyes Opened
  • Part 2: Story of When His Eyes Opened
  • Part 3: The Charm Of When His Eyes Opened
  • Part 4: Novels Similar To When His Eyes Opened
  • Part 5: Exciting Chapters of When His Eyes Opened

Part 1. Main Characters In When His Eyes Opened

Avery Tate is a lovely, well-behaved young woman who keeps a low profile, being introverted. She accepted her fate to be married to Elliot Foster when her father’s company suffered the threat of bankruptcy. It was her stepmother, Wanda Tate’s idea because his son, Jack Tate, embezzled money from the company when she got him a position in the finance department. And when Avery’s father died and named his last will, including all his assets and liabilities, to her, Wanda, Jack, and Cassandra fled out of the country without plans to return.

But Elliot Foster of When His Eyes Opened book has been in a vegetative state for a year without a trace of hope. His notice has given his family a notice of critical illness.

Elliot Foster, though wealthy, is a ruthless man. He has an aura of nobility with striking features, but he is dangerous. He dislikes women and the thought of having children. For him, Avery Tate is a foolish woman.

Avery Tate

Avery Tate is an arrogant, rebellious man.

Pregnant with his child as per Madam Rosalie Foster, Elliot’s mother’s request, and her father dead, Avery turns from a well-behaved to a completely changed woman who does not fear causing a commotion at the party and in front of Elliot.

Elliot is so heartless he wants her to do an abortion anyway. Plus, he only waits for his mother to be well before divorcing Avery.

Elliot had gone too far when she dragged Avery to the hospital to force the abortion. This happened when he received Avery’s hospital record stating that her child’s father was Cole Foster, his niece. But he was wrong, and Cole proved that while under the mercy of his furious uncle.

Part 2. Story of When His Eyes Opened

With the threat of bankruptcy, Avery’s father was admitted to the hospital due to distress. Avery did not wish to marry Elliot Foster while he was in a vegetative state and waited for her boyfriend, Cole Foster, to see her on her wedding day and hopefully elope together.

But Avery was devastated to find him being intimate with her sister, Cassandra. Although heartbroken, Avery Tate accepted her fate in hopes that it would help her father’s failing company and swore no one could bully her again once she became Mrs. Foster.

While Cole was talking with her in Elliot’s room, telling her his uncle would soon be dead and Avery would have all the money, Elliot Foster opened his eyes.

Not long after, he fully recovered and instantly wished to divorce Avery Tate. He also warned her he didn’t want to have a kid with her or else he would kill the baby with his hand.

Avery Tate is a strong-willed young woman who refuses to let go of her father’s company. Although she was not in a good relationship with him, Jack Tate had always loved his daughter. A confession that only became known to her before he succumbed to death. Avery also plans to keep her fraternal twin even if Elliot doesn’t want her to keep the babies.

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Part 3. The Charm Of When His Eyes Opened

That’s right! When His Eyes Opened free download is filled with charms, from the characters to the setting down to the little details! I planned to read some chapters of When His Eyes Opened, but it is so good, past-faced and beautifully written I cannot stop scrolling!

Readers of modern romance are always rooting for strong-willed main characters like Avery Tate , a pure-hearted young woman, mistreated by the world, becomes a wife to the wealthiest man in town. Readers could not help but find what her life would be like now with Elliot Foster as her husband.

And what makes When His Eyes Opened novel interesting is that Elliot Foster is a ruthless man who has no idea he’s been married to anyone. It’s a story of sudden marriage and a quick decision to divorce but cannot push through for some reason, and before the characters know it they are already falling for each other!

When His Eyes Opened also becomes much more interesting with the babies on the way, some misunderstanding, and betrayal. Modern romance novels typically have the same storyline. Still, avid readers of this genre cannot stop reading like they are in some kind of spell, and the only way out of it is if they finish the novel! That is how When His Eyes Opened feels to the readers.

When His Eyes Opened to anyone looking for something which wants a familiar read but also somewhat different from typical romance books. The story builds up on breathtaking, heart-stopping scenes readers will keep wanting to read to discover what happens next.

I would definitely recommend When His Eyes Opened PDF!

Part 4. Novels Similar To When His Eyes Opened

We prepared more Chinese-translated novels with similar roles to When His Eyes Opened. If you’re looking for something good to read similar to it, check out these three books.

4.1. Cold Ceo VS. Sweet Life Xiao Mo

This storyline will remind you of When His Eyes Opened when the main character Jean Wen also put herself behind to satisfy her family’s interest. He married a cold CEO who still wants to divorce her after everything she tried to do for their marriage. And in exchange, Jean Wen demands to have a piece of his land.

4.2. CEO’s Number 1 Sweetheart Liang Liu Yi Yi

In When His Eyes Opened, Avery Tate agrees to marry Elliot Foster to get back at her ex-boyfriend and sister. In this story, the main character also plans to use the wealthiest man to get revenge against everyone who has wronged her. It was a smart decision until the man refused to let her go as she was bound to be with him.

4.3. Pampering The Newlywed Wife Shi Wu

Elliot Foster spends some of his time in a wheelchair after recovering from trauma. The hero in this story is also in a wheelchair when the female character marries him in her sister’s name. This man is also powerful and wealthy, but their relationship is fake. Until she got pregnant with his child. It shouldn’t have happened. But one thing led to one another and was triggered by her husband cheating on her.

Now her pregnancy changed everything in her life.

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Part 5. When His Eyes Opened Exciting Chapters

When His Eyes Opened is over 1800+ chapters now. The first few chapters will surely get you hooked and convince you to read more. Below are lists of great chapters from When His Eyes Opened readers keep talking about! Ready?

5.1 When His Eyes Opened Chapter 22-23

After believing Cole Foster is the father of Avery’s baby, Elliot forces Avery to the hospital and do an abortion. She had no power over him and his mom. The surgery went successfully soon after, and Avery cried with her mom, Laura Jensen.

Elliot demanded Cole go to his mansion to punish him. Bewildered at the accusation and worried for his own life, he said he never had once touched Avery, and the baby in her womb could never be his. If anything, it should be Elliot’s.

5.2 When His Eyes Opened Chapter 300-500

The twins frantically called for their mom as they were worried Elliot was torturing Avery when he came into the mansion. Elliot refused to let Avery get off the bed at the call of their children. Mike scolded Tammy for getting the kids involved. He’s frustrated that he couldn’t open the master bedroom because it was locked but didn’t wish to barge in. Jun helped calm down Tammy and told her not to fight with Elliot no matter how she dislikes the twin’s father whenever Jun is with her.

They all soon came down after bringing the kids back to their room, especially Layla, who was about to burst into tears. Elliot will be staying the night over because Avery allows it.

With his foot still heavily injured, Avery woke up from the bed and watched as her nightmare appeared before her Elliot had Hayden around his tiny neck and was seconds away from dying. When his small bag fell and caused a faint sound, Avery realized it was not a dream. She got up and helplessly grabbed Elliot’s pants.

He let go of Hayden, who cried at the sight of his mother coughing with blood. The little boy came with her sister Layla to see their mom and did not cry while Elliot was strangling him. But he cried when he saw her mom bleeding.

Elliot left the two, unhappy that Avery had returned to life!

5.3 When His Eyes Opened 1000-2000

When the story develops deeper, the plot is not as plain as everyone expected. Cinderella and the prince live a happy life. In this novel, readers are still attracted by the twists and ups and downs of the plot as always. The heart seems to be tightly grasped by the author, and it fluctuates with the mood of the protagonist. Although chapters 1117 and 1901 are more topical and hot, the excitement of these chapters cannot be separated from the foreshadowing and introduction of each chapter.

5.4 When His Eyes Opened 2000-2765

In Chapter 2475 of the when his eyes opened series, two characters Elliott and Avery are having misunderstandings that make their love fall into a deadlock,Please look forward to Simply Silence updating more chapters.

Happy reading!

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[Latest Chapters] Best Romance Novel: When His Eyes Opened - Dreame (2024)


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