Pick it up - Matt Sturniolo as a dad x Y/n (2024)

warnings: kissing, fluff, cute daughter

this was inspired by matt telling nick to pick up the lollipop he threw in todays car vid, but it’s also just a fic of dad matt


“Mommy!” My 3 year old daughter, estrella, ella for short, ran up to me as i walked in the door.

“Hey baby!” I giggled, picking her up and kissing her cheek.

I kicked off my shoes, “How was your day, lovey?” I pushed the hair off of her forehead and smiled at her.

“It was so ‘mazing, mommy! Me and daddy had a dance party and he invited uncle nick and uncle chris over and we went and got a bunch candy from the store and then we had ice cream and daddy told me not to tell-”

My mouth was wide open as she told me about her day.

I gasped, “Daddy let you have candy and ice cream? Oh my goodness!” I faked being surprised. I already knew about it because Matt texted me and told me about it, telling me not to get mad.

Estrella giggles, “Just kidding mommy!” She tried to lie her way out.

“I can’t believe y-” I started tickling her as she lets out fits of giggles, squirming in my arms before i placed her down.

I see Matt come from the laundry room, “Estrella, i’ve been hiding for 30 minutes it doesn’t take you that long to-” He looks at me and smiles. “Oh, hey baby.” He walks over to me.

“Found you daddy!” Ella poked his leg and laughed.

Matt scoffed playfully and shook his head, “Good job, baby. Go play, love.” Matt ruffled her hair as she ran to her play room.

Matt immediately turned around and hugged me tightly, peppering kisses on my neck, i giggled.

“Matt!” I tried to push him off.

“You smell good.” He whispered into my neck, i gave in and put my hands in his hair, running my fingers through it,

“Yeah?” I kissed his ear.

“Mmm.. ‘missed you..” He mumbled, kissing up my neck, to my jawline and to my lips.

“I missed you too.” I mumbled into the kiss.

He hummed, “How was work?” He pulled away to ask before going back in for a kiss, we rocked back and forth.

“Slow day. But good. I’m glad you and ella had a good day together.” I smiled, he smiled at me to and kissed me again.

Matt smirked as he pulled away from the kiss,

“When she goes down for a nap maybe we can-”

Matt gets cut off by a loud bang in the kitchen, we immediately walk together to go see what it was,

We saw Ella climbing down from an island stool that she pushed up against the counter, with a now empty container with lollipops all over the floor.

“Ella, baby, what are you doing?” I sighed, my hands on my hips, matt with a disappointed look on his face.

“I wanted ‘nother one!” She whined, running up to my leg and hugging it. I ran my fingers through her hair, “Okay baby, but you have to ask us first, you coulda got hurt, my love!” I said.

Ella started crying, “‘m sowwy!” She cried, i picked her up and rocked her back and forth, rubbing her back.

“Estrella stop, just pick it up please.” Matt said softly, but with a stern tone.

Estrella sniffed and buried her head into the crook of my neck, Matt gave me the, ‘put her down, stop babying her look’ I frowned, i tended to feel bad a lot.

“Y/n.” Matt said when i didn’t put her down.

“I know, i know.” I whispered. Crouching down and placing ella down, she started crying more, grabbing onto my shirt.

“Ella please,” I whispered, i gave her a hug before standing up, she grabbed my leg and hugged it.

“Estrella, pick it up. Come on, you made a mess, clean it, be a big girl.” Matt spoke softly.

Estrella coughed and sniffled as she calmed down, she twirled a piece of her curly hair before getting on the ground and picking up all the spilt lollipops, putting it in the empty container. Filling it back up.

“Good girl.” Matt said, he clapped, cheering her on.

“Go, ella!” I clapped too, matt laughed and kissed my cheek.

When estrella finished she tried to pick up the container,

“Oh baby-” I was gonna help her but matt got to her first, helping her pick up the container.

“Daddy’s got it, ella. You did so good, my love.” Matt took the lollipop container and put it back on the counter, taking a blue lollipop and handing it to ella.

“For owning up to your actions.” He smiles, i scoff playfully and shake my head.

“What do you say, estrella?” I say.

“Thank you, daddy!” She said hugging his leg.

“You’re welcome, baby.” He said, smiling at me.

Thought of this fic and i love matt sturniolo so much anyway enjoyyy

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As an expert in the field of creative writing and storytelling, I have extensive knowledge and experience in crafting engaging narratives that captivate readers. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated my expertise by producing compelling content that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

Now, let's dive into the concepts used in this article. The story revolves around a loving family, consisting of a mother, father, and their adorable three-year-old daughter, Estrella (Ella for short). The narrative focuses on the daily interactions and adventures of this endearing family unit.

The article begins with the mother coming home, and Ella excitedly running up to her, showcasing the warm and affectionate relationship they share. The father, Matt, is also involved in their daughter's life, as seen when Ella mentions their dance party with Uncle Nick and Uncle Chris. The story further reveals that Matt allowed Ella to have candy and ice cream, despite telling the mother not to get mad.

The mother playfully teases Ella about the candy and ice cream, tickling her and eliciting fits of laughter. Matt then joins them, expressing his affection for his wife and daughter. The couple shares a tender moment, exchanging kisses and expressing how much they missed each other. They discuss their day, and the mother expresses her happiness about Matt and Ella having a great time together.

However, their peaceful moment is interrupted by a loud noise from the kitchen. They rush to investigate and find Ella trying to get another lollipop from a container, resulting in a mess on the floor. The mother and Matt gently scold Ella for not asking permission and explain the potential danger. Ella becomes upset and apologizes, seeking comfort from her mother.

Matt, wanting to teach Ella responsibility, encourages her to clean up the mess herself. The mother, feeling a twinge of guilt, hesitates but ultimately follows Matt's lead. Ella, with her father's support and encouragement, successfully cleans up the spilled lollipops and refills the container. Matt praises her effort, and the mother joins in, clapping and cheering for Ella's accomplishment.

As a reward for taking responsibility, Matt gives Ella a blue lollipop. The mother prompts Ella to thank her father, which she does by hugging his leg and expressing her gratitude. The story ends on a heartwarming note, with Matt and the mother sharing a loving smile.

This delightful and heartwarming story showcases the love, joy, and challenges of parenthood. It highlights the importance of communication, responsibility, and teaching valuable life lessons to children. The strong bond between the parents and their genuine affection for their daughter is evident throughout the narrative, leaving readers with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Pick it up - Matt Sturniolo as a dad x Y/n (2024)


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