Tantrum Sunless Tanning - Frisco, TX 75034 - Services and Reviews (2024)

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Tantrum Sunless Tanning is DFW’s premier mobile and salon tanning service. Our certified airbrush specialists provide clients with a signature tan on-site in just a matter of minutes, and we only use the highest-quality products to achieve that covetable beach-bronzed look.

Tantrum Sunless Tanning - Frisco, TX 75034 - Services and Reviews (1)

Located In: Shops At Stonebriar

Appointments: hirefrederick.com


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Address and Contact Information

Address: 2693 Preston Road, Boutique 27, Frisco, Tx 75034 Inside Bellezza Salon Suites next to Jinbeh and Toys R, Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (469) 525-3494

Website: http://www.tantrumtans.com/

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Tantrum Sunless Tanning

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Tantrum Sunless Tanning offers the best in airbrush tans in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We offer full-service airbrush tans at our salons in Denton,…


Charisse in Texas

We’ve been customers of Tantrum for several years. We recently went in for services and Emily did a fabulous job applying the solution to our skin. Nice and steady even strokes. It’s look flawless. She gave us complete instructions on after care as well. Highly recommend her and Tantrum!!!

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Tressa Kile

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I have gotten spray tans here for years and from booking to shower this place never disappoints. They do discount tans on Tuesdays and Fridays but I have no problem paying full price because I always get a stunning, long-lasting beautiful tan. The techs are professional, nice, and best of all, they know what they are doing. Can’t say enough good things about Tantrum!!!

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Sara Tijerina

Love love love tantrum tan! I’ve been using it for about 3 years now. I’m a college student so I still get the student discount. In high school a few months before prom I wanted to build up my tan so I did tanning beds once or twice a week and the sprays at the tanning salon, I hated the mystic and versa so I found tantrum tan! I loved it! My tan for prom was so perfect and it lasted all summer with me tanning on top of it with the bed, it was perfect for a base to get me even darker. To this day when I am feeling a little pale I go get sprays from them! I use them all

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Sarah Doan

Had my first spray tan done with Zoe in Frisco! I’m obsessed! She was super nice and made me feel comfortable and I love my tan!It look so good with no orange or streaks.

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Brooklin Housden

Katherine was absolutely amazing! She was so accommodating and guided me through the process. Her work looks great and I love my tan! I will definitely return in the future because of her.

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Dlh Renner

The technician did a wonderful job on my spray tan. I’ll go back and do it again. I got a Groupon, but they had a cheaper deal, so call before you buy one.

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Alexis Irons

I had an appointment scheduled for today at 3:30 (which could have been a misunderstanding on my part, to be fair). After calling today to confirm my appointment I received a message back from Angela stating I was NOT on the schedule. I was in the parking lot so I went on in to confirm. A different Angela said no one was there doing tans right then and to just try the number back that called me. AGAIN, this was very well my mistake. On the message Angela had said they could get me in as early as 6 pm. I called Angela back (within 5 minutes of her leaving that message) to let her know 6 pm would be great and to please call me to confirm. I left all of my information (again). Knowing the hassle we had before I went ahead and booked my appointment online when I got home (because the site is not phone-friendly for booking) for 6:10 (6:00 on the dot was not offered). I was waiting to receive a confirmation email, even though I had assumed I was put on the schedule for 6:00, even though I never heard back from Angela. At 5:00 I received an email that said “your appointment has been canceled”. Canceled? It was never confirmed and I still have yet to get a phone call from I called up there to ask if I still had an original appointment set up and to state I just received a cancellation email with no further explanation and was told “yeah that time doesn’t work the only thing available is 9:15 pm”.

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Paula Trattner Schwartz

Tantrum is a great place to get a spray tan that looks so natural. You can be sprayed naked and they are so professional about it and they make you feel very comfortable.

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Cyn BH

Very Bad customer service. All is done via email which wastes time. Never got to speak to someone when I called even when I left a message specifically asking for a return call to confirm an appointment. Will Never recommend them. My usual woman wasn’t available to spray tan me, but from now on I will wait for her ONLY!!!

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Amber Relyea

I’ve been tanning here since 2012 and I’ll never go anywhere else! I always look so natural and their products are FANTASTIC! And very affordable!

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Tantrum Sunless Tanning - Frisco, TX 75034 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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