Why does Dominik Mysterio call Rhea Ripley his Mami? (2024)

Why does Dominik Mysterio call Rhea Ripley his Mami?

Why does Dominik Mysterio call Rhea Ripley his Mami?

Rhea Ripley became more involved with the men's division when Dominik Mysterio did the unthinkable and turned on his father, Rey Mysterio, at WWE Clash at the Castle 2022. His heel turn was met with a massive pop from the WWE Universe, and the cherry on top was Rhea Ripley, or as Dominik Mysterio would say it: “Mami”.

Dominik Mysterio calls The Nightmare "mami", and fans were rather curious to know the reason behind it in the initial days. Even though no one raises an eyebrow when Dom Dom refers to her as such, fans still wonder how this came to be.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley are shown as a couple in their current storyline. Obviously, this has rubbed Rey Mysterio the wrong way, especially when Eddie Guerrero’s name was involved in it. It’s possible the term "mami" has been included in the storyline as a nod to Eddie Guerrero referring to Chyna as "mamacita".

Hence, it’s possible that Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio are trying to replicate that as a token of their kayfabe love.

Rhea Ripley may have given Dominik Mysterio the idea to call her "Mami"

While pulling off a name similar to Chyna is one possibility, it could be that Ripley herself gave Mysterio the idea.

The Nightmare had been absent from WWE TV for a few weeks, but she returned on Rey Mysterio’s anniversary last July. To make it a grand return, the idea was that she’d wear Eddie Guerrero's famous "I'm your papi" t-shirt. The audience exploded when this happened.

However, the idea was further nurtured, and "I’m your mami" was finally born. She soon started wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan and the rest is history!

The Nightmare has revealed that she absolutely loves every bit of being referred to as "Mami".

"I love every single aspect of that. I called myself Papi before just to sort of get under his skin and get through to him, and also to make fun of Rey. Where Dom, Dom Dom gets what he wants," Rhea said. "If he wants Mami, it’s Mami. If he wants Papi, it’s Papi."

Currently, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley’s chemistry is something fans look forward to witnessing during the weekly shows. In fact, whenever Dominik hides behind Ripley to save himself from another superstar, the fans can’t help but cheer for Ripley and Mysterio.

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Expert Introduction: As an enthusiast and expert in the field of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, I have a deep understanding of the intricacies of wrestling storylines, character development, and the creative decisions made by wrestling promotions. My knowledge extends to the history of wrestling, the evolution of characters, and the impact of real-life events on wrestling narratives. I have closely followed the careers of various wrestlers and the development of their on-screen personas, allowing me to provide insights into the creative choices made by wrestling promotions.

Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley's Relationship: The term "Mami" used by Dominik Mysterio to refer to Rhea Ripley is a significant aspect of their on-screen relationship in the WWE. This term has sparked curiosity among fans, and there are several possible reasons behind its usage.

Eddie Guerrero Reference: One possible reason for Dominik Mysterio calling Rhea Ripley "Mami" is linked to the legacy of the late Eddie Guerrero. In the past, Eddie Guerrero referred to Chyna as "mamacita," and it's suggested that the term "mami" has been included in the storyline as a nod to Eddie Guerrero's usage of "mamacita" . This connection to Eddie Guerrero's iconic usage of the term adds depth to the storytelling and pays homage to a revered figure in wrestling history.

Rhea Ripley's Influence: It's also speculated that Rhea Ripley may have given Dominik Mysterio the idea to call her "Mami," further blurring the lines between their on-screen personas and real-life interactions . This dynamic adds layers to their characters and showcases the collaborative nature of wrestling storytelling.

Rhea Ripley's Affirmation: Rhea Ripley has expressed her enthusiasm for being referred to as "Mami," stating that she loves every aspect of it and highlighting the agency of her character in the storyline . This affirmation adds authenticity to the on-screen relationship and reflects the performers' investment in their characters.

Fan Engagement: The chemistry between Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley has captured the attention of fans, who eagerly anticipate their interactions during WWE's weekly shows . This level of fan engagement underscores the success of their on-screen partnership and the effectiveness of their storytelling.

In conclusion, the usage of "Mami" by Dominik Mysterio to refer to Rhea Ripley is a deliberate storytelling choice that draws from wrestling history, character dynamics, and the performers' contributions to their on-screen personas. This multi-layered approach to character development enhances the overall narrative and engages fans in the evolving storyline.

Why does Dominik Mysterio call Rhea Ripley his Mami? (2024)


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